Summer is here, summer begone

My head is heavy from all the non-thinking that takes place between the early hours of the morning when I wake up, unsure about my place and time, and the late evening when I go to bed, still unsure. Constant fear is the creature that lives inside my body, inside my soul. I do not know who let the fear in – was it me? Did I open the door?  Continue reading


Song of the Week

And now I feel the soft, pink flesh of my heart hardening
To the countless possibilities contained within each day.
Vulnerability feels like a cold, wet concrete room lit with fluorescent light,
Which, as you know, makes everything look bad.
I still keep trying to figure out how I became irrelevant,
How I got myself evicted from his heart from one day to the next.

John Grant – It doesn’t matter to him

I Am Not The Kind Of Girl You Fall In Love With

Thought Catalog

I have never been one to romanticize insecurity, but even still, I have always known that mine wasn’t the sexy kind. I’m not the Shy Girl behind doe eyes who, with every bat of her thick lashes, tells you to come even closer to hear her little voice. My discomfort with myself — the festering kind that we all live with to varying degrees — has always manifested like an animal pushed to the corner of its dirty cage. What I don’t like in me, I will hate ten times over in you. I will bite the hand that reaches for me in kindness, because licking my own wounds has always been better than letting someone see it long enough to put a bandage on it. Everyone deals with their strangeness differently, and some are able to transmute it into something beautiful and fragile and sweet. My jokes are the…

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Song of The Week

Here’s my tune for all this week. Maybe even month.

So hypnotizing and beautiful.

I have loved Santigold since her first album in 2008 and I’ll continue to do so, it seems.

Don’t look ahead, there’s stormy weather
Another roadblock in our way
But if we go, we go together
Our hands are tied here if we stay