List: Cute boys

they make references to Catch 22

they give you their jacket when it’s cold

they like Lord of the Rings but not Star Trek

they laugh at you when you get slightly drunk

they hum but not whistle

they pretend to be interested in silly things you do – romantic movies, romance books

they pick you up after late concerts

they have slightly too long hair which is annoying but at the same time charming how it falls over their eyes

they smell good but not pretentious

they surprise you by giving you something in random days

they are tall and when they hug you you feel like the world is somewhere far away

sometimes they see no logic in what you are saying but still say ‘yes’

they like dogs and other animals

they have nice and warm scarves

they dance with you when you are alone

If I would have a “Perfect Boy” list, if would start like something like this. However, sadly as I’m growing up I now realize that Perfect is almost always not what you Need.


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