Song of the Week + Remember Me(2010)

Hello.  Some say it’s a first day of spring. Well then, congrats to us, we made it to spring!

I’ve got a weird song for you this week. It sounds a bit… too hipsterish maybe. For some people. But well. The melody is incredibly catchy and I’ve always loved children’s voices in songs. So the lyrics I’m singing ALL THIS bloody WEEK are…

we are a mess we are failures and we love it!

I had so much to talk about and now I can’t remember  a single thing. Oh well. I have a Spanish exam tomorro. Only thing I did today was to translate how  ‘I need a dollar’ is in Spanish. Maybe I should leave university and become a rock star. I don’t even want to do that but why not. My flatmate would be jealous.  Ok, I’m rambling. Let’s talk business.

So I’ve seen the movie called ‘Remember Me’ yesterday. There might be some spoilers now. First of all, the movie was so boring I even started texting. And I NEVER text when I watch something. Secondly, I didn’t even realize I knew so many clichés until yesterday. EVERYTHING was a cliché. Except for the ending. I expected *spoiler alert* someone to die but you can’t really expect it to be 9/11.. I enjoyed the unexpectedness of it (Unnecessary sentence. I just wanted to use the word ‘unexpectedness’).  But overall the movie was one big cliché where (if you’ve seen some movies in your life) you can tell everything from the first 5 minutes.  Saying that, I have nothing against Robert Pattinson in this movie. I think he’ll be quite a good actor if he’ll get decent roles. I didn’t like the main actress at all though – I don’t know whose fault it was, but it didn’t seem she can act. Sorry.  Muahaha I would be a frightening movie critic. To sum up, I know many people who enjoyed this movie and many will. I understand them. However,  my opinion is what it is – the movie wasn’t worth my time.


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