This might actually be my Fail of the Week

So today i had the widest range of emotions of this year probably. From euphoria in the morning, till complete breakdown few hours ago. 

I had a big breakdown because I couldn’t figure out Microsoft Word. After a decent amount of time spent crying I finally found out how to switch from ‘normal’ to ‘print’ layout. WORD FREAKS ME OUT. I know it’s supposed to be the easiest thing ever, but in my life the easiest things are always the hardest. I’m still pretty shaken. And obviously I didn’t want to google that stuff because that would mean giving up. And I’m not a pussy! 😀 It’s just I never had some stupid ‘normal’ layout before, it was always set on ‘print’ apparently. How the hell I’m supposed to know these things 😦 I hate Word.

So yeah being a woman is usually quite awesome for me but my freakin over-reacting is annoying.

Now look at me. It’s 3am, I’m eating a sandwich with ONIONS (because obviously no one’s going to come and kiss me goodnight) and watching Pocahontas. How the hell people manage to be normal human beings? I have no idea what the hell I’m doing with my life at the moment. ‘Wasting’ seems to be only appropriate word.


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