List: What I Like About Myself

Wow, I couldn’t have done more ego-focused title. Anyway, hello to all my non-existent, imaginary readers. Also, I’ve started a new category (I think I’ll soon need to categorize my categories. Categoriception.). It is called ‘Lists’. To make it easier for you and (obviously) for me, every post’s title will start with a word ‘List’. I’ve already put the Cute Boys post to this, as it’s (obviously) a list.

Anyway, back to the point. Probably no one knows that (as I NEVER talk about myself at all) but I love making lists. Oh boy, I really do. Like, a thousand per day. I made a list of what lists I should make. I have a list for everything and I love that. Lists are GOOD for you. Who I am kidding, I’m a maniac. Moreover, I have a couple I’d like to share in this blog (exams start soon, it means you’ll see more activity here. Procrastination at its best). So then I said to myself: why not start with the most selfish one?

I know, I know. These days, when every-fucking-one says that you should hate yourself and your body for not being perfect, loving yourself is hard. But then again, you don’t have to love yourself 100% to be able to make this list. Actually, I think it’s even better if you make a list when you think you don’t like your body. Just sit down and write every small thing you like about yourself. It’s been proved, it helps.

So here are a couple of little things I like about my body and that make me happy when I think about them. Firstly, here is a poorly drawn picture of me:

And here’s my list:

1. I love my hair. I’ve never had hair longer than I have now. It’s an amazing feeling to feel your hair on your back, if you know what I mean. Probably you don’t. Nevermind. I don’t even go to hairdressers here because I’m afraid they’ll ruin everything. I have my hairdresser in my hometown and she understands me and my hair!

2. I have these two birthmarks near my neck. Ever since I was little I loved them. That’s right, suck it Bella, I was bitten before it was cool.

3. The shape of my front teeth. I hated my teeth for a long time because one guy said I looked like a rabbit. I mean, my teeth are normal length and not exactly Hermione-like. I have no idea why he said that. He was drunk. I forgive him, his karma will fuck him up anyway.

4. My toes. I like them. They are purely normal.

5. The shape of my index fingers nails. It’s weird and round and I hated it when I was younger. Also, did you know that nails of index fingers grow faster than nails of the little finger? Yup, that’s the random fact of today.

6. The wrists. Dunno why.

7. The shape of my eyebrows. Hardly needs any plucking at all. Yay.

8. I wish I had antlers.

So here you are. Do the same, it will make you feel better. And don’t feel selfish when you think about yourself (or am I the only one who feels this way). See you later, alligators.


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