List: Really Good Advices or Learn From Someone Else’s Mistakes

One more list that has formed in my head in the last couple of days. Obviously because I’m such a respectable person and everyone values my advice, I’ve decided to share this with you. All of the things listed were done in practice so better learn from my mistakes and live a wee bit better life.  Honestly, some of them are pretty good. Some of them are applied to very specific situations, though. 

  • Do not listen to ‘Murder Ballads‘ album by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds or the ‘Murder‘ trilogy by The Killers if you walk alone at 5am. *shivers*
  • If you knock your table lamp off of your desk, the light bulb won’t work anymore. Proved. Twice.
  • The baking tray in the oven is always too hot to take it with your bare hands. Even if it’s colourful and made from silicone. Proved by two stupid people.
  • Do not think that you know what you’re doing at 4am. Your brain is sleeping no matter if you’ve just woken up or if you’re just going to sleep.
  • Do not try to do anything beauty-related at 4am. For example, plucking your eyebrows will prove to be a bad idea.
  • Buy good shoes. I mean, if you want them to last more than one season. For the last couple of years, I’ve been buying cheaper shoes and I don’t have any pair left from previous season. However, my red Adidas Originals Superstar trainers are celebrating their 6th birthday this year and my two pairs of Converse shoes are pretty much the same age too.
  • If you want to meet new people, you have to go outside. I hate when people complain that they don’t have girlfriends/boyfriends/friends but only thing they do is stay at home. We don’t live in magical fairy world, FYI.
  • Do use perfume. Or aftershave, if you want. If you could get points in real life, you’d get like +500 for this. (note: it wasn’t exactly my mistake or something – I wear perfume almost all the time. It has been OTHERS’ mistake heh). I’m not against the clean just-showered body smell, though.
  • Treat yourself. Not everyday, not every week maybe. Depends, actually. I’d be treating myself everyday if I had money. But maybe that makes me appreciate treats even more. I got myself Prosciutto and olives for Easter and I was the happiest person alive.
  • Be childishly creative. Even if you can only draw stick figures and you couldn’t play two chords with any musical instrument. Just do it and try do it better every time. Lose the fear of failure, no one will see you anyway. Be a child – don’t think, just do.

That’s probably it for this week’s advices. Most importantly, remember – if you dream, dream big. Here are some advices in Disney style (it’s a gif, just wait and read and live)(apparently it works only if you click on it, or is it just me? weird):


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