GO OUTSIDE AND SEE THINGS + Samuel Bradley’s photos

The smell of a new country. The one that will eventually fade away but you’ll never really forget. Two,  three or maybe fifteen years later the wind will bring it back to you, you will stop what you’ve been doing and wonder for a minute. You’ll try to remember what it reminds you of. Sometimes you’ll remember and sometimes you won’t. That does not really matter in your story. What matters is that it fills your future life with the possibility to be carried away for a minute. To daydream a little. To remember the adventure. To be inspired.

And if you remember, if, if, if suddenly it all comes back to you – the plane or bus or train that you hated back then because it was too cold or too hot or too dry, the hotel or hostel or friend’s living room, the people you met or you wanted to meet. Perhaps you won’t even remember who you’ve been travelling with, not to mention the days when everything seemed perfect. Maybe all you’ll remember, when that reckless wind greets you with your past, is the moment. One moment that probably wasn’t important that day. You weren’t even paying attention.

So I smell the weird mixture of oranges, fresh air, many spices, heat, sea and something else (there’s always something else!) and I see a small Moroccan man selling me fresh orange juice, he speaks French and I don’t understand, the wind is very strong and the sea is so loud and blue.

I sense the smell of the new leather, some perfume, the heat from the stones, the dry air and salt. Only moment I remember is maybe 8-year-old me looking at many many stairs made from stone and how their greyness contrast with breathtakingly blue sky. I know that we have an hour to get to the boat that will take us back to the Rhodes island and I worry we won’t make it.

These moments are the ones I miss so much. One needs to get new memories from time to time. You can’t keep reliving everything forever. I need my travels like you need your medicine, shopping, drinks or whatever you use to run away. I need to run away too. From some places, some people, some unanswered emails and letters, from my problems, my stupid thoughts, my plans and my dreams. Anywhere new, anywhere will do. I’m so tired. So exhausted.

Finally, look at some photos. I actually love the guy for completely different stuff, but most of these are relevant to all my today’s ramblings. (I figured slideshow is boring and you can’t see the normal size of pictures so here you go)


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