Hi world + May’s movies


I’ve been gone for such  a long time and gosh I had no idea how fast the time flies sometimes. 

First, May was a very hectic month. I had my exams, had my work, had stuff… Dunno. I was quite busy. First, after finishing my exams in the beginning of May I thought I’d have a nice calm month with books and movies. So yes I’ve seen quite a few brilliant films in the first week but then…Well then, my dear people, life happened. I’ve been working a crazy number of hours and as it wasn’t enough, I was partying damn hard! So yeah, my blog died, my idea of reading died, my wish to contact my family died…  So that’s a wee summary of my May.


A couple of films (they are not movies, they’re films) (for more clarification on the difference between these two, see: David Fincher) I’d recommend to see are:

Annie Hall. I know, most of the people have already seen it. For me, it was a new and pleasant surprise to find this film. You can love or hate Woody Allen but this one is a classic. I must confess I had no idea what year the film was made in and I thought it was late 80s somehow. Close enough. The thing is, all the problems that are discussed about there are still so relevant now. I’m a big fan of Woody Allen (even though I just started watching his filmography. the man made tons of films). Also, it has sooo many brilliant quotes.

The second one is Chaplin. Because of one.. two or maybe three things. First one is definitely the acting of Robert Downey Jr. I mean, there were times I honestly thought they were showing the real Charlie Chaplin. You can’t recognize Downey at all. That’s the brilliance.  He was well worth that Oscar nomination. Second thing is music and the third is cinematography. So, a good, fun, serious watch. A must.

The third movie (that’s a movie, not film) I enjoyed was Avengers. Saying that, I FUCKING LOVED IT. There’s no review on this one, if you haven’t seen it, GO FUCKING WATCH IT RIGHT NOW OR GET OUT OF MY BLOG. So yeah, I mean, the movie was ok. So here’s a relevant-ish picture for you, I always giggle when I remember this:

I dunno if I have anything else to write about, probably do (I remember those things while walking to work or smth and I never remember them when I’m in front of my computer).

Hope you’re having a nice summer!!! xx


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