A New Love in My Life

As I was eating my dinner which consisted of a lemon and some sugar (I just really wanted a lemon), I thought about shopping. More precisely – about my shopping I did couple of days ago. Today I’ve received a first package of my grand summer treat. You can go to asos yourself and check their -70% sale out! They have some amazing stuff there.

So here I was, just dying to tell someone about my new stuff, however I knew that none of my friends share my weird sense of fashion with me. And then I remembered – I’ve got this blog, this place where I can talk about absolutely everything I want and someone will STILL read it.

I’ve found a bag I’ve been waiting for all my life. It’s one of those, you see – love at first sight, however you feel like you’ve known it all your life.

It costed £45 before the sale and I’ve bought it for £13. Quite a bargain I guess! We were meant to be together.

Check it out:

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It’s very big so I can fit my laptop, books, all the unnecessary stuff and still have room for food or whatever. I love that it’s red and also so colourful with some simplified ornaments that remind me of Indians or Mayans.

OK, that’s all. Good night and good luck! haha


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