List: What I Like About Myself

Wow, I couldn’t have done more ego-focused title. Anyway, hello to all my non-existent, imaginary readers. Also, I’ve started a new category (I think I’ll soon need to categorize my categories. Categoriception.). It is called ‘Lists’. To make it easier for you and (obviously) for me, every post’s title will start with a word ‘List’. I’ve already put the Cute Boys post to this, as it’s (obviously) a list.

Anyway, back to the point. Probably no one knows that (as I NEVER talk about myself at all) but I love making lists. Oh boy, I really do. Like, a thousand per day. I made a list of what lists I should make. I have a list for everything and I love that. Lists are GOOD for you. Who I am kidding, I’m a maniac. Moreover, I have a couple I’d like to share in this blog (exams start soon, it means you’ll see more activity here. Procrastination at its best). So then I said to myself: why not start with the most selfish one? Continue reading