This might actually be my Fail of the Week

So today i had the widest range of emotions of this year probably. From euphoria in the morning, till complete breakdown few hours ago.  Continue reading


Song of the week + Fail of the week

The fail of the week happened in the airport when I had my stuff x-rayed and forgot to put half of my liquids to that plastic bag (it was like 6.30 am, c’mon). I was stopped by the airport guy and was asked if I had any more liquids, I said ‘no’. Then they asked me to open my bag and apparently my perfume and some other stuff were just on top. The guy goes ‘oh she forgot to put liquids in a plastic bag’ and they start laughing at me 😀 then I had to wait till they checked all my liquids separately – I guess just to annoy me 😀 Continue reading